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From: Sonia27 June, 2015
Just to let you all know that RIO has settled in extremely well.the children love him and he loves them.he is so friendly and well behaved,couldnt have wished for a better cat .he is perr...fect.
Venture Farm reply: Hi there, thank you for the update on the lovely Rio. It is great to hear when a cat has settled in so well. Thank you - keep in touch. xx
From: paula2 June, 2015
hello from lolita(now Lola) and stella(now Tilly)
Both cats have settled in and we can't imagine life without them. Lola loves getting in the chicken run with the girls and has to be rescued at least once a day! Tilly is very timid outside but charges around the house like a demon. They are completely different characters but we love them dearly. Xxxxx
Venture Farm reply: Hello, thank you for the update - really pleased to hear they (and you) are so happy. And getting on with the chickens! Love from us all at Venture Farm xxx
From: Peggy and Stuart31 May, 2015
Hello. Just to let you know that we have settled into our new home now. It took quite a long time because we were very nervous cats, but we are comfortable now.
Lots of purrs to you.
Peggy and Stuart.
Venture Farm reply: Hello you two! So glad to hear you are settling in - we were only talking about you the other day wondering how you were getting on! Please thank your new mum & dad from us for giving you the chance of new home. It would be lovely to have a photo - we could then put you on our facebook page. Take care & love from us all at Venture Farm. xxx
From: shadow11 May, 2015
Oh dear my extreme friendliness has got me into trouble. I enjoy going to see our neighbours, not so sure their cats feel the same.Last week when dad let me out Early in the morning round I went and found that their cat flap was open, I was in! There they all were fast asleep, suddenly their cat spotted me and before you could say whiskers, I was in a fight. In the mayhem that followed the screaming frightened me and I shot back home. Of course this was reported to my owners and they have said that the neighbours can use a water pistol to frighten me away. I wonder what one of those is?
Venture Farm reply: Hello Shadow, you cheeky boy! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Remember not all cats are as friendly as you! Stay clear of the water pistol! Lovely to hear from you. xx
From: ben29 March, 2015
Hi all.
We rehomed Noel on Monday. What a totally loving cat she is. Totally chilled and even Donald quite likes her. As we thought she settled in straight away and is currently snuggled up with Bridget. Love the Baldwins
Venture Farm reply: Hi there, so pleased she has settled so well and that Donald likes her! See you soon. xx
From: Shadow31 January, 2015
I just thought I would let you know that the great day finally arrived and my human servants said I could go outside. (On my own) so out I went and spent two happy hours investigating all the new exciting things in the neighbourhood. I could hear my name being called but I was quite happy where I was. Eventually one of my family came and what an indignity, I was lifted over the fence to where I live. The children had really missed me and I was told I should have come in a bit sooner. However I have mastered it now, out I go and in a short while I hear my name being called. If I run back home a piece of ham or a treat appears and I am told what a good boy I am. I've already started calling on our neighbours who too can be relied upon to produce something to eat, life is just great!
Venture Farm reply: Hello Shadow, lovely to hear from you. Glad to hear you are being a good lad and going home when told. You know when you have it good don't you! Hope things are improving with Humbug. Say hi to all the family & keep in touch. xxx
From: Margaret31 December, 2014
Well I have settled very well into my new home. Within an hour of getting out of my carrying basket I had got my four large paws firmly under the family table. I was praised for being so good with the children, sitting nicely on any inviting laps and for using my litter tray!!!
Christmas was great, plenty of food and fuss, a warm bed, what more could a cat want. I haven't quite managed to win round Humbug, my new sister but am sure she will come to like me in the end.
I am keen to get out in the garden but am told I can't go out yet in case I get lost.
I wish everyone at Venture Farm a very happy new year.
With love and purrs from Shadow Hollingworth.
Venture Farm reply: Hello there, lovely to hear all is going so well. I am sure you will soon win over Humbug. And just be a little patient, you will be able to go out soon - just need to be sure that you won't wander off and get lost again! Happy New Year to you and all your new family. xxx
From: Lucy31 December, 2014
Hello there!

What days and times is it OK to visit please?


Lucy :-)

Venture Farm reply: Hi Lucy,

We are open daily (but not Friday and Sunday) from 10am to 2pm. Look forward to seeing you.

Happy New Year,


From: Sue4 December, 2014
Hello to all at Venture Farm, Jennie formerly Roxy wants you all to know she is happily settled in to her new home. She is adorable and so, so loving and gentle. She enjoys sleeping on different beds and watching her garden from the conservatory. She eats well and her coat is pristinely clean due to her hard work, grooming. She goes out for her daily walkabout but likes nothing more than to cuddle up on my lap. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and thank you for all the good work you do Much love Jennie and Sue xx
Venture Farm reply: Hello Jennie & Sue, so pleased to hear that all is well with you both. And Jennie just to let you know your 2 little kittens aren't so little any more! They are very happy in their new home. Thank you for keeping in touch and a very happy christmas to you too. Take care. xxx
From: Georgia28 October, 2014
We have been living at our forever home for a year now and wanted to let you know that we have well and truly landed on our feet! You will know us as Babs and Leah, but we are now known as Rosie and Amber. We enjoy spending our days lounging around the house on one of our many beds, or on the humans belongings or beds. We especially enjoy sleeping on their clothes when they have just been washed. Clean laundry is our favourite! We love to spend our time in the garden or at the neighbours houses. We have found we are welcome in a few local houses and we get spoiled there as well. Our immediate neighbours love us as much as our own home does. Thank you for looking after us when we needed your help. We are happy to have our forever home.
Venture Farm reply: Lovely to hear from you! So pleased that you have both settled in so well. I bet you are a beautiful as ever - no wonder everyone loves you! Say hello to your mum & dad. Take care and love from us all at Venture Farm. xx
From: Jane6 January, 2013
Happy New Year to my feline friends. We seem to have our paws well and truly under the table in this establishment. I've been a particularly busy boy this morning helping to put away the Christmas Decorations. I think my job was to inspect all bags and boxes but for some reason the tinsel bag was out of bounds. I just can't think why! My sister Mollie is settling in very well and particularly likes sleeping on laps. We haven't ventured into the outside world yet but rumour has it that we have to have a 'chip' of some sort before we are allowed to do so. I'm hoping it's the same sort of chip that goes with fish! We will keep you posted as to our progress.
Venture Farm reply: Hello Dillon (and Mollie), thank you for keeping in touch - it's always lovely to hear your news. Glad to hear all is well, I am sure you will enjoy the outside world when the time comes (may be after all this snow has gone!). Take care. Love from us all at Venture Farm xxxxx
From: Tanya6 January, 2013
Happy New Year to you all at Venture Farm.

I got Smudge from you in Febuary 2010 and she has turned out to be such an awsome cat with real character and I couldn't imagine life without her. I regularly look on your website to see how many more of the wonderful cats have been rehomed and it's great to see that quite a few more have been successful recently including some of the long term ones end up with a happy ending and the second chance they deserve just like Smudge was given. You do such a wonderful job each and everyone of you at Venture Farm for the cats so keep up the good work that you do.

Venture Farm reply: Hello Tanya, always good get updates. Smudge seems to have landed on her feet! Thank you for your kind words - we have managed to find homes for quite a few cats this year. We still have lots more that need loving homes!! Take care. Love from us all. xxxxx
From: sharon2 January, 2013
hi we adopted two grey tabby kittens in sept 2011,just to let you know they are doing really well,we have named them Billy and Pheobe,they love our dog,Kelsey and she dotes on them too.
just letting you know they have both been to the vets today to be spayed and neutered,so no more unwanted kittens.
thank you for our little fluffy bundles they have brought us a lot of joy.
happy new year to you all
Venture Farm reply: Hello there, we remember Billy & Pheobe well - a lovely pair of kittens. I would imagine that Billy has grown quite a bit by now! Thank you for the update and for giving them such a lovely home. Love from us all. xxxx
From: Kayla30 December, 2012
Hi Jasper (previously Jeremy) d.o.b. approx May 2010 here. I was brought into you at around 4-5 months as a stray and was very frightened. I just wanted to let you all know I'm very happy in my new home, well not so new now. I'm still an only cat but have made friends with all the other local cats so don't get into any fights. You probably wouldn't recognise me now as I'm quite a strapping lad, I do like my food and also catch lots of mice, rats, pigeons and other birds although I have made friends with my owners hens! I'm rather proud of my glossy coat and am very happy for visitors to stroke me so I can also show off my very loud purr and roll on my back too. My owner says I'm well worth all the costs of vaxinations, worming, feeding, insuring and de-fleaing although I can't say I understand half of what that means but then I'm a cat! Love to everone. xx
Venture Farm reply: Hello Kayla, lovely to hear how well Jeremy (Jasper) is doing. Thank you for giving him the home he deserved. All the best xxxxx
From: Kim30 December, 2012
Dear all,
Scooby ( formally Dooley )
What a sweetheart , we were so sad at losing our lovely Larry and you can never replace a pet, but it's so good to give Scooby a loving home.
She was so shy and timid , but is gradually settling down , eating more each day and today spent the day snoozing on my lap. So thank you Carol , you have helped us both so much , love Kim and Jane xx
Venture Farm reply: Hello there, thank you giving Dooley (Scooby) a chance, she was always such a quiet lady, so often got overlooked. We are so pleased she has found such a lovely new home. Love from us all. xxxx
From: Sophie17 December, 2012
Hi there, we got our lovely cat Dolly(formally Blackie) back in 2008. She's doing so well. When we first got her she was so nervous and would just hide under the stairs for about a week after we got her home. But, now it's as if she's a different cat. She's still a little nervous around visitors, but after a few minutes she comes around and loves everyone.
I never realised how much a cat would influence my life. Dolly is constantly the subject of my art work and I always find myself talking about her to my friends and family.
So, just a massive thanks for helping us find a Purr-fect cat.
Sophie x
Venture Farm reply: Thank you for the update, it just goes to show what a little patience can lead to. Thank you for giving her such a lovely caring home. Happy Christmas to you both, love from us all at Venture Farm xxxxxxx
From: patricia13 December, 2012
We adopted earl from you on november the 24th last year. He is doing fine, he is now called Max. He spends his days eating sleeping, and being made a fuss of. We wish you all at venture farm a very merry christmas and all the best for 2013.
Venture Farm reply: Hello there, very pleased to hear that Earl (now Max) has settled so well. He is a lovely boy - very handsome! Have a happy Christmas, love from us all at Venture Farm xxxxxxxxxx
From: sharon20 November, 2012
Hi just thought i would let you know how Billy and Pheobe(Beccas kittens)are getting on.they have settled in really well and are growing daily,they especially love the dog.We are so glad we came to see you after seeing the piece in the paper and would encourage more people to come and see if they can give a cat or two a home,its so rewarding and the love you receive is worth it.also i was glad to see that Becca has at last found a home,she was a lovely cat.well keep up the good work and will keep you informed about them.thanks and bye for now.
Sharon,Bruce and family,not forgetting Billy and Pheobe of course x
Venture Farm reply: Hello, thank you for the update. We are so pleased that Billy & Peobe found such a lovely home. It's nice to hear they are growing daily - as Billy especillay was a tiny little thing! Love from us all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: bridget11 November, 2012
apologies for not writing sooner, however I've got so little time between breakfast, nap, lunch, snooze, dinner, sleep, supper and bed.....

Thank you for looking after me before allowing me to adopt my new humans (Bridget & Matt), they are nice and the facilities here are great! I'm not sure about that other cat here, he's a bit of a bully - he says he only wants to play but I don't play dirty like that. I much prefer to curl up on the lady's lap and snooze. I also like to lay on the radiator..... the humans said its radiator planking, what ever that means?!

Unfortunately I'm a local at the vet, we are on first name terms BUT we are NOT and NEVER will be friends. Its because I have something they say is "asthma". It made me cough and gurgle..... my humans said I sounded like a pigeon! I've seen what the other cat does to pigeons - I never want to be a pigeon.

I have to take two types of pills every day to keep my airways open and my lungs strong..... it took a while for my humans to understand that forcing pills in my mouth doesn't mean I'm going to swallow them! We have an agreement now, the humans hide the pills in dreamies and I don't spit them out (well not all the time)!! Its not too bad really, but I have to go the the vet every 3 months for a check-up.

I'm going back to bed now - thanks again, love from Olly (was domino) xx

Venture Farm reply: Hello Olly, so pleased to hear that you are enjoying life with your new human friends - despite them insisting you take the tablets (mind you they for your own good you know!). Thank you for the update. Look after yourself, love from us all Venture Farm. xxxxxxxxxxxx
From: tanya21 October, 2012
Just thought I'd give you all an update on Smudge (splodge) who I've had over 2 years now. She is such an adorable cat and I love her to bits. She is treated like Royalty, is cheeky, full of life, keeps us both entertained and knows how to get her own way most of the time!!
She has a very healthy appetite and so much energy. I can't thank you all enough for allowing me to adopt Smudge and giving her a 2nd chance after her previous ordeal. We are in seperable. Continue with the good work that you all do at Venture Farm as many of the cats wouldn't get a 2nd chance if it wasn't for all of you. x
Venture Farm reply: Hello Tanya, thank you for the update on Smudge - certainly seems as though she is enjoying life! A little princess! Love from us all at Venture Farm xxxxxxx

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