Venture Farm Cat Rescue - Rescuing, Caring For and Rehoming Cats in Norfolk

About Venture Farm Cat Rescue

Aims of the Trust

The Venture Farm Aims:

To rescue, care for and rehome cats throughout Norfolk.

Any new cat entereing the centre is checked by our vet, neutered if over 6 months, blood tested for FIV/FELV, treated for earmites, fleas and worms.

Our main priority is to rehome as many cats as possible (details of this can be found in Adopting a Cat)

Maintain those that cannot be re-homed for health, behavioural or other reasons in a clean and comfortable environment for the duration of their lives.

We have facilities for older cats to live at the centre as permanent residents. They have access to centrally heated chalets and can wander in the gardens as they wish. Many of these cats are available to sponsor.

We view cats with FIV as a priority and we want to increase public awareness and understanding of this condition with a view to increasing the re-homing percentage of these animals.

We presently have several cats with FIV. You can find the FIV cats in the Cats section.